Air Pollution

There are many studies that show that air pollution is a major problem in the UK and causes tens of thousands of deaths each year.

It’s also linked to asthma, premature births, lung cancer and heart disease. And it harms children – there is a risk of their lungs not developing properly.

Transport is the main source of pollution in towns and cities – that’s why we need to think more intelligently about how we get around Ipswich. We can’t drive everywhere and have clean air at the same time, so we need to ask what can we do to reduce the number of cars and lorries in our town.

And just because you are in a car doesn’t mean you are protected! An experiment by the Healthy Air Campaign found that a car driver was exposed to more than twice the amount of air pollution as a person walking the same busy route – and almost 8 times more than a cyclist.

We also need  to look at trees in the town. Usually trees are good to have – they can give us cleaner air, reduce noise pollution and they look great, but if they are situated in the wrong place they can cause problems – stopping car fumes escaping for example, so they need to be planned carefully.

Find out more:

Friends of the Earth


British Lung Foundation


NHS News


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